Spring '24 Chemistry Lab Classes (NJ)


Science Lab Exploration (pre-K and K)

Welcome to Science Lab Exploration, an enchanting journey into the world of science designed specifically for young explorers in pre-K and kindergarten! In this captivating course, children will dive into the wonders of science through hands-on experiments, interactive demonstrations, and engaging activities tailored to their curious minds. From exploring the properties of water to discovering the magic of magnets, each session of Science Lab Exploration is carefully crafted to ignite a passion for scientific inquiry while fostering important skills such as observation, prediction, and critical thinking. Through colorful experiments and playful investigations, students will embark on a thrilling adventure of discovery, sparking their natural curiosity and laying the foundation for a lifetime of scientific exploration. Join us in the Science Lab, where every experiment is an opportunity to learn, explore, and imagine! This course will include exploration time, as well as a Science Lab demo or experiment, which is best suited for this age group. 

Chemistry Lab (K-2)

Ignite your child's passion for science with our action-packed "Chemistry Lab" class, tailor-made for young scientists in grades K-2! This high-energy course takes scientific exploration to the next level, offering a mesmerizing journey into the world of chemistry, physics, and biology—all featuring experiments that pop, fizz, and explode - and many of these experiments will be edible! Young scientists will don their goggles and lab coats, as they delve into a whirlwind of electrifying activities, including chemical and physical reactions. Since many of the experiments will be edible, we do suggest reaching out to us prior to enrolling if your child has food allergies. 

Chemistry Lab (2nd-5th)

Prepare for a blast of scientific excitement with our "Explosive Science Lab Extravaganza," specifically engineered for aspiring scientists in grades 2nd through 5th! This upgraded course offers an exploration into the captivating realms of chemistry, physics, and biology, complete with experiments that will truly dazzle and amaze. Some of these experiments will be edible, so we do suggest reaching out to use prior to enrolling if your child has food allergies.