Week 8: Slime Lab Camp (Summer 2024 - Millburn)


Slime lovers, you have just reached slime nirvana as we take you on a magical journey of slime, states of matter and chemical reactions! Learn the science behind slime as you make your own magnetic slime, unicorn slime, cloud slime, beach slime, color-changing slime, and more! Create your own branded slime design using our laser-cut Glitter Tile material, and build your own slime holder using 3D printed and laser cut parts. Students will also learn about marketing, and video content creation through the creation and design of their own slime brand!

This camp will run from August 19-August 23. 

Half Day: 2.5 hour day (9-11:30 or 12:15-2:45 pm) - $349 per week. All half day camps will be held at our Millburn location. Please select either AM or PM, not both. Please note that this program has limited spots.

Full day: 9-3 pm $575 per week. All full day camps are run by Genius Gems, but take place at Congregation B’nai Israel in Millburn (CBI is located at 160 Millburn Avenue,  just down the street from our Millburn location).

Aftercare or Before Care: Please select from the summer camp home page, and double check to ensure you are signing up for the correct week(s).