Spring 2023 Coding and Robotics (NJ)


Spring 2023 Coding and Robots: K-2nd Grade (Level 1) 

This class is designed as a continuation of the current session, and we also welcome new students in kindergarten through second grade to the exciting world of programming! Students will use block coding and symbol-based programming tools such as MIT Media Lab program Scratch, and robots such as Ozobot, Sphero and Dash to learn a beginning foundation in coding. Through the use of app-based coding programs, students will be able to code robots to move, light up and speak, and they will also be able to design digital stories, games, and gain a foundation for the basics of coding. This class is a continuation of the current K-2nd curriculum. New students that wish to join the class should have a basic foundation in beginner reading. They should be able to read sight words and basic sentences.

Spring 2023 Coding and Robots: 1st-3rd Grade (Level 2) 

Using robots such as Sphero Bolt, Ozobot, and block coding programs such as Scratch and Microbit, students will explore robotics and coding through games, while also learning specific computer science concepts and reinforcing math skills, such as directionality and number recognition. Students will also be introduced to loops, functions, variables, and conditional “if then” statements. This class is a continuation of the winter session, but new students may join as well.  Students must be in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade to participate. A grade-level foundation in reading is recommended. 1st grade students must have taken a prior coding class or have experience with coding to enroll. 1st grade students new to coding should enroll in the Level 1 class.

Spring 2023 Coding and Robotics: 3rd-6th Grade (Level 3)

In this spring session of coding for students in 3rd-6th grade, students will focus on building fluency in coding, and applying programming language to real world applications. Using tools such as Microbit, LEGO Mindstorms, Sphero robot, CodeCombat, and advanced Scratch game design, students will utilize coding skills to code their own projects and their own programmable games. Students will learn about algorithms, functions, variables, loops, conditional statements, and more. Students that demonstrate readiness will work in the programming language, Javascript. While this course is designed as a continuation of our winter session, it is open to new students interested in coding in 3rd-6th grade. Please email us at information@geniusgems.com if you have any questions about your child’s class placement.