Winter '24 Slime and Design Drop In


Slime and Design Drop In (2nd-5th)

Get ready for a stretchy, and incredibly fun scientific journey with our "Slime and Design Bar Class," perfect for curious minds in grades 2nd through 5th grade! This isn't just another slime-making class; it's an engaging, hands-on experience where science meets creativity. Each week, students will concoct two distinct types of slime while unraveling the fascinating scientific principles that make each slime unique.The class is structured to facilitate understanding of key scientific principles, from chemical reactions to states of matter. Students will not only have a blast making slime but will also develop a foundational understanding of the science behind it. They'll come away with improved critical thinking abilities, fine motor skills, and a newfound love for scientific experimentation. Learn about photochromism, the science of phosphorescence, and the chemistry of polymers and chemical bonds. Sign up for the 10 week session, or pay per class with our drop-in rate.