Virtual Summer Camp FAQs

We are excited to have you join us for our virtual summer camp 2021! Please read below for our frequently asked questions.

Virtual Camp Structure: 

How long is the camp? 
Virtual camps are 2 hours. You will receive an approximate schedule with Zoom links. There is a ten minute break structured into the camp. 
Is there anything I should know about the materials? 
Your materials are yours to keep and are included with the cost of the camp! Some 
What if I have to miss a day? 
When will I receive my materials? 
What if I have trouble logging onto Zoom? 
What if I am missing a project or my project doesn't work? 
Please email us at and we will try to make it right! We ask you to make a temporary substitution. If not, we will send you whatever materials you need to fix the project. 
Anything else I should know? 
We ask kids to eat during their break time (not during camp), and to please have your cameras on for the duration of the time.