Winter NJ AM Classes for Ages 2-4


Welcome to Little Genius Classes at Genius Gems Millburn, specially designed for your young explorers, ages 2-4. Join us on Tuesday or Thursday mornings starting at 9:30 AM for an extraordinary adventure in learning and play!

 Our Exciting Classes:

  • Messy Experiments (Tuesdays): A hands-on science adventure, perfect for curious little minds.

  • Preschool STEM Lab (Thursdays): A playful introduction to the fascinating world of STEM.

More Than a Class:

  • Extended Playtime: Each class is followed by an hour of free play in our vibrant, spacious facility!

  • Complimentary Adult Admission: A new approach where adults of children age 2-4 can visit for free with online registration in a Little Genius class (up to 1 adult per each child enrolled). Slime or Glitter Tiles are available for an additional cost.

  • Interactive Spaces: From our sensory-rich Elements Room, plus a world-class collection of over 30,000 magnetic tiles, marbleruns, Glitter Tiles, Candy Tiles, and more, our environment is a wonderland for Little Geniuses.

Embrace a world of imagination, learning, and joy with our Little Genius Classes. Each session is a unique blend of education, exploration, and unforgettable experiences. Reserve your spot now and be part of a community where the potential of every Little Genius is celebrated!

Opening Special: Between January 9th and January 19th, be among the first 10 to enroll online and enjoy our classes for just $20 per class!  If you wish to enroll at any point during the semester, you can sign up for a pro-rated amount of the class.