Parties at Genius Gems Millburn, NJ

Celebrate your birthday at Genius Gems Millburn, for your best birthday yet!

Our talented team will lead you and your guests in a 1.5 hour celebration that features the best that Genius Gems has to offer. Parties are for ages 5/6 and older only. In order to ensure a limited number of people, all parties are DROP OFF, except for the birthday host parents and a handful of adults. If you would like more than 8 additional adults to stay, you will be asked to book the premier plus package.  

Premier Package ($550)


  • Genius Gems Parties are for ages 5/6 and older. Only Premier Plus parties may be able to accomodate parties for children aged 4.
  • Up to 16 kids and 8 adults included in the package. The birthday child, and any siblings attending the party will count towards the total number of guests in the party.
  • If there are more than 16 kids attending, you will be charged $40 per child for any additional kids on the day of the party, up to 20 kids. This includes the birthday child and any siblings - they will count towards the final number of guests. 
  • Any parties with more than 8 adults will be asked to book the premier plus package.

Space and Activities

  • 1 premium project per child (slime or Glitter Tile)
  • Staff members to help guide and supervise the party and all activities
  • The entirety of our party room will be reserved privately for your 1.5 hour party.
  • Parties may choose either slime or Glitter Tile as their project. Selecting an engineering project, such as the DIY flashlight or LED project, will be an additional cost of $75 for 16 kids. There will be an additional cost of $5 for every child beyond the initial 16.
  • NEW! Swiftie Add-On Package: $199 + tax additional: Calling all Swifties! Enjoy a Swiftie themed party with specially themed plates, decorations, trivia games, and a bracelet making station! Please note that in order to accommodate these extra activities, building time may be reduced, or for larger parties, this may take the place of building time. This add-on includes up to 16 kids, with an additional $5+ tax for every child beyond the initial 16.

Food and Beverages

  • Pizza and juice are included for kids only and provided by Genius Gems. 
  • No outside food is permitted except for a cake or cupcakes provided by the host family.
  • Extra pizza can be requested for an additional cost
  • Cheese, fruit and veggie platters are available for an additional cost. 
  • Add-on coffee bar package, or non-alcoholic drink packages for your guests to enjoy. 

Additional Information