Winter 2021-22 Mini Camp Week of 12/20


 In-Person STEM Camps (Millburn, NJ) 

Join us on December 12/20 from 9-11:15 AM for our engaging STEM mini camp! Activities will include the best of Genius Gems - building challenges, robots, coding challenges and either an engineering project or a chemistry experiment. Please pack a labeled bottle of water and a small snack for an outdoor snack break. Mini camps are for students in grades K-6th grade. Students must be in kindergarten or older to join the mini camp (this is a firm requirement to participate). The cost is $60 per 1/2 day, per child. Activities will take place indoors, except for snack break. 

Please review our cancellation policy and our COVID safety  policy prior to registering. Please ensure that your child has a day off from school before registering. Any questions, please kindly email us at Due to high volume of emails, we ask you to allow us 72 to return your email before politely following up. Thank you!