Summer 2022 - Week 1: Engineering and Maker Camp (June 20-24)


Engineers will delve into the basic principles of engineering through engaging, hands-on engineering projects utilizing the amazing technology at Genius Gems. 

Makers will learn how to use our 3D printers, laser cutter, UV printer, vacuform machine, and heat sealing machine, in order to design their own engineering projects. 

This camp will culminate in a maker faire, where campers will display and present their designs to their peers.

This camp will run from June 20-24.

All camps will be offered as either a morning session (9-11:30 AM) or an afternoon session (12:15-2:45 PM). Sign up for one or the other. The sessions will be very similar, so we recommend choosing one time slot. The cost is $315 per 1/2 day session, per camper per week. For the morning session only, we are also offering an early drop off option (8:30 AM) for $50 for the week. 

Please Note: Some schools may still be in session during this week. Please check your child's school calendar before registering.