Week 4: Rainbows and Magic Potions (Summer 2023 - Millburn)


Dive into the science behind rainbows and light, and learn the chemistry behind magic potions in this dazzling week of science camp. Conduct your own rainbow and color-changing experiments, discover the secrets of light and prisms, design your own holographic sticker, brew your own magic rainbow potion, and engineer your own LED rainbow light, and create your own custom rainbow bag. Science concepts will be incorporated into all of the activities.

This camp will run from July 17-July 21. 

All camps will be offered as either a morning session (9-11:30 AM) or an afternoon session (12:15-2:45 PM). Sign up for one or the other. The sessions will be very similar, so we recommend choosing one time slot. The cost is $325 per 1/2 day session, per camper per week. For the morning session, we are also offering an early drop off option (8:30 AM) for $50 for the week. For the afternoon session, stay until 4 PM for an additional $75 for the week.