Early STEM Drop Off Program


Join us for an Early STEM drop off program this fall/winter 2021-22! 

Email us at information@geniusgems.com if you are interested in prorating the class or taking a tour!

Designed and led by an experienced educator, our award-winning facility is launching a drop off program designed for children that are 4-6 years old. 

Our indoor/outdoor program will take place from 9:30-11:30 AM, Monday and Tuesday mornings (no classes on select holidays) for the fall. Sign up for one or both days. The cost is $600 per day per 10 week session. The cost for both Monday and Tuesday classes is $1,200 per session. 

Our program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning, recognizing that our youngest learners learn best through hands-on, experiential learning. Young learners naturally love to experiment, which is why our program will emphasize STEM exploration and hands-on experiments. 

Children will engage in hands-on experiments each day, with ample time for indoor and outdoor play on our Genius Gems Terrace. Early literacy and math are naturally incorporated into learning. Each day will feature a science story time, in addition to hands-on experiments, snack time, play time and STEM exploration time. 

Health forms, up-to-date immunizations and proper mask wearing will be required. All of our staff is 100% vaccinated and will be wearing masks as well. 

The structure of the drop off program will include a science-themed story, an experiment, exploration time and outdoor snack time. Children will be outside as much as possible. Children will be expected to bring their own snacks. Masks will be required, except when eating.

By purchasing this session, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the waiver and cancellation policy.  

Monday classes: September 13th-November 29 (no class on Columbus Day 10/11, or November 1). 

Tuesday classes: September 14-November 23 (no class on November 2). 

To schedule a tour, please email jennifer@geniusgems.com with your preferred availability, or sign up below.