Coding and Robotics Fall 2021


Coding and Robotics: 1st/2nd Grade 

Using robots such as Sphero Bolt, Dash and Dot, and coding programs such as Scratch, Tynker and Hopscotch, students will explore robotics and coding through games, while also learning specific computer science concepts and reinforcing math skills, such as directionality and number recognition. Students will also be introduced to loops, functions and conditional “if then” statements. This class is open to returning students and students that are new to coding. Students must be in 1st or 2nd grade to participate. 

Coding and Robotics: 3rd-5th Grade 

In this coding class, students will focus on fluency in block coding languages such as Scratch, Tynker, Micro:bit and robotics programs such as LEGO Mindstorm. Students will utilize coding skills to design scenes, code their own games, and code and build robots, in order to gain a strong foundation in block coding languages. Students will learn about arguments, variables, loops, conditional statements, objects and more. This class is designed for students with an interest in coding. Prior experience with coding is not necessary.