What is Genius Gems Terrace?

After many months of quarantine, we know that parents are seeking a safe and enriching place that is outdoors and enjoyable. Welcome to Genius Gems Terrace!

How does Genius Gems Terrace Work?

Genius Gems Terrace has 5 tables, each with 5 chairs. Tables are spaced at least 6 feet from the other tables. Each table has its own cantilevered umbrella, a Dyson bladeless fan, a battery powered outlet for projects, and even its own water mister. Each table can fit a maximum of 5 people, and can be reserved for up to one hour. In between each visit, our staff will sanitize every surface for your safety. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

STEM Projects: Yours to Design and Keep

Choose from our menu of STEM projects, thoughtfully designed to be enjoyed by families with children ages 5 and up. You can make the following projects at Genius Gems Terrace, and they are yours to keep! (Note: Glue guns, bowls and spatulas remain at Genius Gems.)

  • Slime! (Ocean, Unicorn, Galaxy or Cotton Candy) ($10 + tax)
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Slime (includes a mini UV flashlight) ($14 + tax)
  • DIY Wooden Marbleshoot ($12 + tax)
  • Make Your Own LED light up Harry Potter Wand ($12 + tax)
  • Mystery Box Project ($7 + tax)

3D Printed Projects, Customized by You and Printed at Genius Gems

  • Rectangular keychain ($10 + tax)
  • Heart keychain ($8 + tax)
  • LEGO® piece ($7 + tax)
  • Bookmark ($8 + tax)
  • Token ($5 + tax)

Ice Cream, Coffee, Pizza. Yes, Please!

Ice Cream
Choose from a selection of premier ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, ice cream treats, and even ice cream cups with color-changing spoons! Kosher, dairy-free and nut-free options are available.

Coffee and Beverages
We offer regular and decaf hot coffee, lattes and espresso from our freshly brewed coffee bar. We also serve Starbucks® iced coffee drinks, refreshing sparkling waters, ice cold water, tea or soda.

Pizza and Snacks
We partner with a local Italian restaurant to offer delicious, fresh pizza by the slice. We also offer a variety of healthy snacks. Full menu is coming soon.

Please note, no outside food or drink is permitted. At this time, we do not permit private birthday celebrations or events at Genius Gems Terrace.