Winter '24 Engineering and Tech (NJ)


Simple Machines and Levers (K-1st) 

Discover the wonders of simple machines with our "Simple Machines and Levers" engineering class, perfectly crafted for young inventors in kindergarten and 1st grade! In this engaging and interactive course, students will explore the basic principles behind levers, pulleys, wheels, and axles through a series of hands-on activities and projects.

Using everyday materials and custom building sets, our budding engineers will create their very own miniature catapults, construct simple balancing scales, and even design pulley systems to lift objects. These projects not only introduce students to fundamental engineering concepts but also ignite their natural curiosity and creativity.

Engineering and Maker Lab  (1st-2nd Grade)  

Step into the imaginative world of engineering and artistry! This course invites budding engineers and creatives to explore the fusion of artistic design, inventive thinking, and engineering through a diverse range of hands-on projects. Using Tinkercad and other innovative tools, students will dive into the magic of LEDs, circuitry, batteries, and motors, while also exploring the transformative power of 3D printing. 

Engineering and Tech Lab (2nd-4th Grade)
Unlock the creative genius in your child with this advanced course designed specifically for 2nd to 4th graders! We combine the worlds of engineering, artistry, and innovation through a plethora of hands-on projects tailored to older elementary students. Utilizing Tinkercad along with advanced tools, students will dive deeper into complex subjects like LEDs, circuitry, batteries, and motors. They'll also explore the expansive potential of 3D printing in real-world applications. In addition to foundational engineering concepts, students will tackle more ambitious projects—such as building their own motorized vehicles, and designing their own 3D printed project for a real world application. These projects serve not just as learning tools but also as a playground for creativity and problem-solving.

Tech Creator Lab (3rd-6th Grade)

Step into the future with our Tech Creator Lab, a dynamic course designed to ignite the imaginations and technical skills of 3rd to 6th graders! This innovative class brings together the best of both worlds—engineering and coding—to offer a holistic STEM experience. From constructing smart home models equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) devices to programming their own video games, students will work on an array of cutting-edge projects that blend mechanical engineering with computer science. We'll dive into robotics using platforms like Vex and Microbit, enabling students to program robots that can perform complex tasks. On the coding side, students will be introduced to block-based programming languages like Scratch, as well as beginner-friendly text-based languages like Python. Projects include designing an automated plant watering system that integrates both coding and mechanics, creating a motion-activated alarm system using sensors and microcontrollers, developing 2D computers games with characters and score boards.