Week 8: Slime Lab Camp (Summer 2023 - Millburn)


Slime lovers, you have just reached slime nirvana as we take you on a magical journey of slime, states of matter and chemical reactions! Learn the science behind slime as you make your own magnetic slime, unicorn slime, cloud slime, beach slime, color-changing slime, and more! Create your own branded slime design using our sticker printer, and build your own slime holder using 3D printed and laser cut parts. Students will also learn about marketing, and video content creation through the creation and design of their own slime brand!

This camp will run from August 14-August 18. 

All camps will be offered as either a morning session (9-11:30 AM) or an afternoon session (12:15-2:45 PM). Sign up for one or the other. The sessions will be very similar, so we recommend choosing one time slot. The cost is $325 per 1/2 day session, per camper per week. For the morning session, we are also offering an early drop off option (8:30 AM) for $50 for the week. For the afternoon session, stay until 4 PM for an additional $75 for the week.