Week 6: LEGO™ Engineering (Summer 2023 - Millburn)


Did you know that LEGO means “play well” in Danish? This course is about fostering creativity by teaching our engineers how to think, problem-solve, design and engineer! This week, our campers will combine LEGO™ bricks with engineering and design principles to solve real-world challenges, to code LEGO robots, and to engineer their own LEGO designs and projects. Design your own custom UV printed LEGO puzzle, construct a Lego motorized car, build a LEGO marble run (which we will combine into a single giant marble run), and 3D print your own LEGO brick!

This camp will run from July 31-August 4. 

All camps will be offered as either a morning session (9-11:30 AM) or an afternoon session (12:15-2:45 PM). Sign up for one or the other. The sessions will be very similar, so we recommend choosing one time slot. The cost is $325 per 1/2 day session, per camper per week. For the morning session, we are also offering an early drop off option (8:30 AM) for $50 for the week. For the afternoon session, stay until 4 PM for an additional $75 for the week.