Coding and Robotics Spring 2022


Spring Coding and Robotics (K-2nd Grade) (Beginner programming)

This class is designed to welcome students in kindergarten through second grade to the exciting world of programming! Students will learn how to use block coding and symbol-based programming through programs such as MIT Media Lab program Scratch Jr, and robots such as Dash, Ozobot, Botley and more. Through the use of app-based coding programs, students will be able to design digital stories, simple games and gain a foundation for the basics of coding. This class is designed for students with limited to no prior experience in coding. 

Spring Coding and Robotics (K-2nd) (intermediate programming/returning students) Students in this course will continue their programming  journey to build a strong foundation in computer programming topics and concepts. Students will utilize a variety of programs to build upon their knowledge of block coding. Using MIT Media Lab Scratch, and robots such as Sphero (waterbotics and Blockly) and LEGO Boost, students will be introduced to variables, algorithms, events and loops. Students must have a basic foundation in reading to join this class.

Students in this course must have taken a previous coding class at Genius Gems or elsewhere to enroll. Please email with any questions regarding course level placement.

Spring Coding and Robotics (1st-3rd Grade) - Intermediate/returning students 

In this course, students will delve deeper into important coding concepts such as variables, algorithms, events, loops and conditional statements. Using MIT Scratch and Microbit, students will design their own animated digital games and codes. Using robots such as Sphero, Dash, LEGO Mindstorm and Root robot, students will participate in a series of Genius Gems robotics competitions (within the class) designed to demonstrate mastery of coding concepts.  

This class is recommended for returning students or students with prior experience coding.

Coding Girls (2nd-4th Grade) 

In this course, students will learn to code through hands-on coding and robotics programs such as MIT Scratch, Microbit, and animation design. The purpose of this course is to encourage more girls to join the field of STEM, and to engage more girls in the field of computer programming. In this coding program, there will also be a focus on learning about famous female engineers in the STEM field as well! Learn about computer programmer Grace Hopper, mathematician Katherine Johnson and computer scientist Ada Lovelace, and meet via Zoom a female UX designer and engineer at Google! This course is open to returning and new students.  

Coding and Robotics (3rd-5th Grade) Spring Session 

In this spring session of coding for students in 3rd-5th grade, students will focus on fluency in block coding languages. Using tools such as Javascript, Microbit, LEGO Mindstorms, advanced Scratch game design, students will utilize coding skills to design scenes, code their own games, and code and build robots, in order to gain a strong foundation in block coding languages. Students will learn about algorithms, functions, loops, conditional statements, variables, loops and more. While this course is designed as a continuation of our winter session, it is open to new students interested in coding in 3rd-5th grade.