Spring 2021 Classes

Our award-winning, outdoor spring class registration is now live! We are offering coding, engineering, chemistry and STEM enrichment, all socially distant, safe and on our outdoor Genius Gems Terrace (except in cases of inclement or very cold weather)! 

Classes will be limited to 8 children. Children will be spaced out at tables, and all children and staff will be required to wear masks. Proper sanitation of materials and tables will take place in between classes. All programs will be drop off, and classes will be held outside, with heaters when necessary. In the case of inclement weather (heavy rain or real feel temperatures at or near freezing), families will have the option to either participate indoors for that day (with safety protocols in place and masks required), or take the class live, but participate virtually.
Please note, while heaters will add additional warmth to the terrace, children are still expected to dress warmly for the weather. Please also note, that while we try to hold classes outdoors as much as possible, because children are working with their hands, gloves are often not possible. When deciding whether to move indoors, we look at factors like wind and "real feel" temperatures. We cannot guarantee that every class will be held outdoors, but we will always let you know in advance if the class will be moving indoors so you can opt to participate virtually if you do not wish to have your child indoors.

Please read below for the description of our programs and to register. Almost all of our fall and winter classes sold out, so sign up early to reserve your spot. Please read the cancellation policy before registering. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to our cancellation policy. 

If you are interested in a private group class for your pod, please email us at information@geniusgems.com to inquire about availability for your group with the number of students, grade level, preferred day of the week, and the subject matter that most interests you. 
For those interested in an online only option, we are happy to offer our programming virtually if there is sufficient demand.
All classes run for 10 weeks. The cost of the session is $275 per student. There is no class during the week of March 29-April 2. Families can arrange one makeup per class session.

Monday classes: 3/8-5/17 (no class on 3/29)  

Tuesday classes: 3/9 - 5/18 (no class on 3/30) 

Wednesday classes: 3/10-5/19 (no class on 3/31)

Thursday classes: 3/11- 5/20 (no class on 4/1)

Friday classes: 3/12-5/21  (no class on 4/2)